Kerbal States explores my adventures playing Kerbal Space Program.  I’ve used a blog format to help me track my in-game adventures and as a fun way keep track of my in-game progress.

I’ve developed my own backstory for the origins of the Kerbals – click on “Origins” above!  You can also click on “Mods” to see my current mod list.  I hosted two previous blogs, the Federated Republic of Kerbin and Kerbin Republic. I stopped playing those particular savegames in favor of this one, running KSP 1.13.

This is a fan blog. Kerbal Space Program, or KSP, is not owned by me.  So, all rights are reserved by their respective owners and such.



Mission Patches

The mission patches are made using Saybur’s Mission Patch Template.  You can get it here:   http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/122052-Kerbal-Mission-Patch-Template-v1-0

Special note:  I’m making this blog for myself, not for anyone else. It will probably be FULL of spoilers. Don’t read it if you don’t want to have the surprise ruined!