Year 6, Day 127 (Enterprise Science Launch!)


Enterprise launches!  The mission is to investigate a sub-atomic particle that scientists have named “kuarks” – initial research has indicated that many of these particles are quite strange indeed..


Veteran scientist Orlas will oversee the research, along with Samner.  Val will pilot Enterprise, and train rookie pilot Mirphe as well!


The Heavy Cargo Shuttle is testing a new science payload that essentially turns a Cargo Shuttle into a fully equipped Science Lab in space!

“Orbit achieved – we’re starting science now!”


Back in Mission Control, scientists anxiously await for the science data to start streaming in!



Year 6, Day 72 (Aurora 19 Recovers Unity Crew)

screenshot1808.pngAurora 19, in orbit of Mun, moves in to dock with Unity Space Station! Sean, Glenica, and Bill all transfer over!  Then, just as quickly as it arrived, Aurora 19 departs!  Seely, Kerlorf, and Luly remain on the station. screenshot1811

The reentry is hot, but the initial concerns about the added weight and potential heat risks from the new computer core turn out to be unwarranted.  screenshot1813The craft splashes down safely, just northwest of Merdian Island!  The next Aurora launch will be Aurora 20, to recover the remaining Unity Space Station crew!

Year 6, Day 70 (Aurora 19 Launches To Mun!)


Aurora 19, the Aurora Crew Vehicle that will recover the crew of MunBase One is launched at the Pyramid Launch Complex! This will be the first Aurora Crew Vehicle launched entirely automatically, taking advantage of a new, larger computer core.

The Launch goes well, and the craft begins its journey to Mun.  So far, the automated systems appear to be working well, and the Pyramid Launch Complex has been performing well.


Year 6, Day 48 (MunBase One Decommissioning )

Mun Base One has provided insight into future base construction on other worlds, however it was neer intended as a permanent habitat on Mun – that won’t be possible until a fully self-sustaining life support system can be developed!


The Mun Landers can only carry a crew of two , so Glenica and Sean blast off first!screenshot1379.png

The lander docks!  Sean and Glenica transfer over, then the lander procedes back to the surface on autopilot.


The lander sets down, Bill hops in, and just as quickly takes off!

“Feels a little sad leaving MunBase One abandoned!  Maybe we can come back someday and upgrade it to be a real home on the Mun!”


Back on Kerbin, construction begins on an Aurora Crew Vehicle to return the crew home!