Year 7, Day 18 (Mitster and Kimmy Return to Duna Spaceport!)


After fully cataloging the findings at the Great Face on Duna, Mitster and Kimmy blast off, returning to the Duna Spaceport!


“Wow, that face is huge! You can see it all the way from here!”



The explorers dock at the Spaceport and rest after a long mission!

“That mission really pushed our fuel reserves – we barely had enough to rendezvous with the station! Some brainy Kerbals back at KSC should probably get to work on a second generation lander… a Super Duna Lander!”



Year 4, Day 350 (X-5 Research Mission 1)

x5 research missions.png

A new research mission to study Kerbin is launched.  The X-5 will be taken out by Mitster and Orlas – recently returned from Eve! A Gravity Sensor is installed in the cargo bay. screenshot1255.png

“Here we go! Reaching optimal altitude for the X-5… 9000km!”



The X-5 flies over X5RM01-A – and Orlas notices something!

Looks like we made a mapping error – woops!  The X-5 has already explored this canyon, and the Monolith that’s down there!



We better keep moving anyway… that looks like it would be a tricky landing!



X5RM01-B isn’t very far away, and Mitster takes the X-5 down for a landing.  Orlas hops out, and checks the scientific instruments… then the jet takes off again!


Hey – will you look at that!  One of the ground stations for communications – cool!


Mitster takes the X-5 down to X5RM01-C!


Certainly there’s some staff at that communications station that could have done this survey?   Ah well.  The X-5 takes off… heading north!


Better turn on the cabin heaters… it’s getting chilly!



“Ok – this is the site where orbital sensors indicated a strange anomaly. I’m going out to check it out!”



Oh wow!  Mitster, get out and check this out!


Orlas runs toward what looks like a crashed … saucer of some kind!


Mitster puts on the parking brake and climbs out….


Then runs to meet up with Orlas at the crashed saucer!


“Wow!  They’ll never believe this back at KSC!  We better take lots of pictures and samples!”



It’s starting to get pretty late… so Mitster and Orlas take off, and head back to KSC.


Thankfully, there’s justenough fuel to reach the Space Center!


Orlas and Mitster hop out of the X-5 and rush to tell the others about their exciting discoveries!  The X-5 is brought in to be refurbished.









Year 3, Day 156 (Aurora 12 Arrival At Mun)

screenshot163.pngAurora 12 arrives at Mun!  This mission is to investigate the strange anomaly detected by Aurora 11 at the southern end of the Northwest Crater, and also as crew training for the rookie crew!

“You know, we should think about making a space station out here!  At the very least a fuel depot might be handy!”


screenshot165.pngEdan and Orlas head down in the lander! As they get closer, they spot something strange.

“What on Kerbin could that be!”

screenshot167.pngIt looks like some kind of ancient structure – astonishing!  Edan sets the lander down…and Orlas hops out at once to investigate!  screenshot171.png

“It’s too far away to make on foot, I’ll have to use my EVA jets!”

Arriving at the base of the massive structure, Orlas is shocked… the object looks to be a giant monument… perhaps made out of Mun rock itself?

Get over here Edan! You have to see this yourself!

screenshot178.pngEdan hurries over, and the two gaze at the huge, cubical structure… then they head up to investigate!


“Oh wow… astonishing!”


“It looks like a lander… not that different from our own designs!  This flag is the same as the one on the side of the Oger space probe – it was the basis for the flag of the Kerbal States!”

The two look at every nook and cranny on what they agree is some kind of monument!

“I’m going to check the other side out that’s being eclipsed… ”


Edan and Orlas are speechless.  The two stare in wonder at the mysterious monument on Mun and wonder what kind of entities could construct such a massive object here!


After taking lots of samples, Orlas and Edan launch back to the Aurora 12 Spacecraft…


And head back to Kerbin!  Scientists are eager to do analysis of the materials gathered at the monument, and to examine the hundreds of images the astronauts took of the unusual anomaly!


Year 3, Day 56 – Kerbin Exploration

screenshot29.pngThe newly launched Kerbin Surveyor begins scans of Kerbin – right away several anomalies are detected!  The X-5 is sent to investigate! Mitster and Bill fly there…. quite fast!screenshot63.png

Sadly… they can’t find anything at the site indicated!

“We’re gonna need some more precise readings if we hope to find anything here!  It might help to put a sensor package on the X-5 itself! ”

Mitster returns the X-5 to base for refurbishment and the crew for refreshments!

Meanwhile, construction begins on two new crew shuttles – the Endeavor and the Intrepid! Along with Adventure this will raise the number of crew shuttles to three!

Year 2, Day 422

screenshot770.pngThe X-5 blasts off, carrying Mitster and Robart to the next anomaly detected by the overhead satellites.


“Huh – readings indicate it’s down in that mountainous valley – this landing will be tricky!”


“Whew!  Close one!”


“Huh. Look at that!”

The two head back to KSC to share their findings – some Kerbals want to build research centers around the planet to study these strange anomalies!


Year 2, Day 390 (Mountain Anomaly Mission)

screenshot717.pngThe X5 takes off, heading west to the mountains to investigate the anomaly that satellites detected… the previous attempt to explore this region ended in disaster, when the X4 crashed! screenshot718.pngVal pilots the X-5 past the X-4 crash site, attempting to approach from a different direction!


Success!  Val sets the X-5 down in a relatively flat area, about 1000m from the Anomaly!


“The air sure is thin up here… better put on my helmet! ”


Wow!  It’s pretty up here!


“I found it!  Wow!  What could these things be? What could they mean?  ”

The two explorers head back to the KSC to share their findings!