Year 2, Day 250 (New ACV announced)

mk4crewrocket.pngIn response to the near loss of Aurora 3, KSEA designs the next iteration of the Aurora Crew Vehicle, the Mk4.  With better onboard supplies and an enhanced power system utilizing solar panels the new ACV should be a good platform for future KSEA missions!


Year 2, Day 242 (Aurora 3 returns from Minmus!)


Aurora 3 returns home!  The Aurora Capsule splashes down in the sea south of KSC.  It was a bit of a tense return… the trip took longer than expected, and the crew nearly ran out of oxygen on the return home.  Yikes!  The upcoming Mk4 Aurora Pod will address this, and other issues!

screenshot434.pngAurora 3 whips around Minmus, and starts to head back to Kerbin.  Communications with Mission Control are briefly interrupted as Kerbin is eclipsed by Minmus!

“Well that was fun!  Hold on everyone! Just uh, 13 days.  Until we reach our next orbital manuever. Then… uh. A few more. ”

The return trip is a rather long 28 days.  Hold on guys!

Year 2, Day 205

While construction continues on the massive new Station Core for the Kerbin Space Station, KSEA decides to launch a few training missions to practice for the upcoming trip to Mun and Minmus!

While KSEA has a lot of eager astronauts, the technology to perform a landing isn’t quite there yet.  While researchers… research, the crews will practice!screenshot422.png

Aurora 3 blasts off – carrying an entirely rookie crew – Edan, Robart, and Chrisnic! The mission profile is simple – launch into orbit, transit to Minmus, and return safely to Kerbin.

After orbit is achieved, the three all get their “space legs” and go for an EVA.  Everything’s going well… so Edan pilots the craft into an intercept with Minmus – good work Edan!

“Settle in everybody… this is a pretty long trip!”

Meanwhile at KSC, construction is almost complete on 2 more Aurora Crew Vehicles.  One will always be on reserve for rescue capabilities, the other will be launched as the next Aurora mission!   The KSS Service Pod is almost ready to go as well!