Year 2, Day 338 (First Mun Landing!)

screenshot558.pngAurora 6 arrives at Mun!  After a few short maneuvers, the craft is brought into a fairly close 40k orbit.

screenshot559Mitster and Bob move into the Lander, and separate!screenshot560.pngThe lander moves lower, and lower…

Almost there!


Mitster hops out!screenshot569.png

Followed by Bob!

Mitster plants the flag!
The two pose, then start collecting some rocks and other scientific data. screenshot589.png

After several difficult but exciting hours collecting Mun-stuff, Mitster and Bob blast off, and head to a rendezvous with the Aurora 6 Spacecraft! screenshot591.png

After docking, Mitster and Bob transfer over, being sure to take all their vaulable science with them!

“That exterior illumination sure proved valuable – docking on the dark side of Mun would have been a real trick without ’em!”


Mitster makes a small course correction on the way back to Kerbin…

“If these numbers are right, I think we’ll set down just outside of the Space Center!  Really!”

The Aurora Spacecraft is designed with a fairly large “reserve” fuel pool, to allow corrections for… imprecise maneuvers.  This extra fuel lets Mitster correct a rather wide departure from Mun into a fairly precise return maneuver for Aurora 6!


The crew makes it to the surface – welcome home guys! screenshot605.png

The crew returns to KSC, and shakes lots of Mun-dust out of their boots!






Year 2, Day 355

screenshot538Blast off! Aurora 6 carries Mitster, Bob, and Chrisnic into orbit!   All of Kerbin watches and waits as the crew chosen for the first Mun Landing rocket away!screenshot547.pngOnce in orbit, the scheduled burn for Mun goes well, and the Munar Insertion Stage is ejected. screenshot549.pngMitster successfully completes the docking and transposition maneuver!screenshot551.pngThe crew settles in for the trip to Mun!