Year 5, Day 133 (Pyramid Launch Complex Opens!)

256x256-4KSEA is excited to announce the opening of the Pyramid Launch Complex!  The facility, located north of White Mesa, will, with any luck, become the new home of the Aurora Crew Vehicle program, providing a dedicated launchpad for these versatile crew rockets.


KSEA plans to utilize several sites around Kerbin in the coming year as the Space Program continues to grow!  The main VAB is planned to be used for the largest of vehicles, such as the upcoming Explorer 2 mission, and other massive rockets.

A test flight is scheduled soon!


Year 2, Day 169 (Aurora 2 Launch)

screenshot388.pngAurora 2 launches from Cape Kerman!  The re-designed Aurora Crew Vehicle is carried into low orbit, Jeb and rookie scientist Samner are both looking forward to spending some time in space! screenshot391

While Samner will be working on any number of interesting science experiments, Jeb is there solely to assist with the construction of the station.  A good pilot is needed to guide some of the Modules into place!


“Almost there…. ”


“Almost… ”


“Got it!”

Aurora 2 docks with the Kerbin Space Station!  Now the combined crews just wait for the Science Module to launch!

Year 2, Day 131 (Aurora 1 Launch)

screenshot337.pngAurora 1 launches from Cape Kerman! screenshot342

Valentina expertly pilots the craft to orbit, carrying rookie scientists Kimmy and Glenica.  They’ll join Orlas at the new Kerbal Space Station!


“I see the station… moving in to rendezvous… ”



“Got it!  We’re docked!”


Aurora 1 successfully docks with the Kerbin Space Station!  Glenica and Kimmy head over and meet Orlas.

“Hey everybody!  Did someone bring cards…?”


Year 2, Day 115 (Aurora Program Announced)

All of Kerbin is excited as KSEA announces the next phase of the space program: AURORA! AuroraCrewVehicle.png

The Aurora Program is designed to reach Mun and Minmus.  The first test vehicle is the Aurora Crew Vehicle – designed solely to test the command pod, and provide a reliable means of taking crew to orbit and back.  The first test will be Aurora 1… taking the the rest of the crew to the Kerbin Space Station!  Construction starts at once!