Year 7, Day 344 (Explorer 3 Leaves Kerbin for Duna!)


The Explorer 3 spacecraft heads out for Duna!  Edan, Glenica, and Sean make themselves comfortable for the long journey to the distant red world of Duna!Explorer3Patch


Year 6, Day 296 (Endeavor Launches to Resupply KSS)

screenshot107.pngEndeavor is prepared for a mission to resupply the Kerbin Space Station with Oxygen!  Edan will pilot, and scientists Samner and Glenica will head up to the station for training!  screenshot108.png

The Crew shuttle reaches orbit!

“Now we just need to rendevous and the KSS crew can breath a little easier!”



The docking is a success, and the oxygen tanks are transferred over!  KSEA Mission planners will leave Endeavor docked for the next month, before returning to Kerbin!