Year 8, Day 190 (Explorer 2 Returns Home!)



Explorer 2’s command module ejects from the rest of the spacecraft, and follows its trajectory down through Kerbin’s atmosphere!


The parachute opens, and the spacecraft gently descends to the surface.


Success!  Mitster, Dunwin, and Kimmy make it home safe – carrying a treasure trove of scientific data from Duna with them! Rescue teams pick them up and the entire KSEA team is ecstatic at the successful end to the mission!




Year 7, Day 263 (Explorer Heads Home!)


Kimmy, Dunwin, and Mitster all board Explorer 2, and wish Duna Spaceport farewell!

“It’s a shame we can’t stay!”



Other Kerbals deserve a chance to explore Duna… we’ll be back!””



Well I want to get back… I can’t wait to get my chance at flying that shiny new Super Duna Lander!



Explorer 2’s journey home will take 314 days!


Year 7, Day 27 (Explorer 2 Crew returns from Duna Crater landing!)


Mitster and Dunwin blast off – heading back to Duna Spaceport!


“This many missions has left us all exhausted!  It’ll be good to get back to Kerbin!”


Indeed, Explorer 2 has set the record for the most consecutive landings done by one crew!  It’s hoped that the next crew will be able to exceed that, however, using the new “Super Duna Lander”!


“Hmmm… I’m having some trouble connecting the lander with with the docking port!”


“Try spinning!  That’s a good trick!”


“That did it!  We’re docked!  Nice thinking Dunwin!”



The lander docks successfully with Duna Spaceport, and the Explorer 2 team reviews all of the science data they’ve collected over 4 separate landings on the red world of Duna! Their only mission now is to prepare for the return home!

Year 7, Day 26 (Explorer 2 Landing At Duna’s Craters!)


Dunwin, Mitster, and Kimmy work on refueling the Duna Research Lander for what will be the last landing before returning to Kerbin! This time, a crater east of the second Explorer 2 landing has been chosen. Explorer 2’s last landing will be done by Mitster and Dunwin.


“Wow, you can see the crater’s outline as we come down!”



Mitster and Dunwin set down in the Crater, and prepare to head out of the lander.


The guys smile for the camera, then get to work gathering important Science!

Year 6, Day 299 (Explorer 2 Crew Blasts Off From Midlands Sea!)


After a few days on the surface at the Midlands Sea, Kimmy and Mitster head back to orbit and dock with Duna Spaceport!

“The new lander modifications seem to have fixed all the problems we were having – nicely done Dunwin!”



The next Explorer 2 landing won’t be for another week, to give the crew time to analyze the data from their landings and most importantly to rest up for the next!