Year 4, Day 223

256x256-4Things are busy at the VAB!  Resolute and Enterprise are both being refurbished for their next missions, and the Crew Shuttles Endeavor and Adventure are both being outfitted with the second generation launchers!  (Intrepid is currently docked at the Kerbin Space Station – it will be outfitted with a new launcher once it returns!)

Meanwhile, construction has begun on the Duna Surveyor… based off the Mun and Minmus Surveyors, this advanced probe will scan the surface of Duna for future missions!

screenshot1058.pngIt’s now just days until Frontier 1 reaches the influence of Sarnus – Kerbin’s longest range probe has worked well so far… although scientists note that the signal strength  is only at 70 percent. Hopefully this won’t result in any lost scientific data!

Frontier 1 & 2 Update (Journey to Sarnus)

Frontier 1 is just days from its encounter with Sarnus – Frontier 1 was launched merely to test the capabilities of the Frontier design, and was considered a bit of a long shot. However, this probe will still be the first to reach any of the outer planets. Sadly, it will only have enough fuel to do a high speed fly-by, before continuing on an escape trajectory out of the Kerbol star system!

screenshot849.pngThankfully, the Frontier 2 Probe will soon perform a minor course correction in just 36 days.  If calculations are correct, this will let the probe fly extremely close to Sarnus itself, and then have an encounter with Sarnus’s moon, Tekto. With any luck there will be enough fuel to allow the spacecraft to circularize around this mysterious Moon!


Year 4, Day 147 (Frontier 6 Update – Journey to Duna!)

The Frontier 6 probe to Duna is a mere 2 weeks away from encountering the distant red world of Duna!  No one’s ever seen what it looks like up close… the sensors on Frontier are relatively old, but the science gained from the mission should be invaluable!

Scientists hope to get atmospheric, temperature, and pressure readings from both Duna and it’s small moon, Ike!


Year 3, Day 274 (Frontier 5 heads to Jool!)

screenshot258.pngFrontier 5’s computer is instructed to commence its burn to Jool!  The probe will reach Jool around Year 6, Day 200, after a journey of 2 years and 370 days!

If calculations are right, specifically encounter Jool’s innermost moon, Laythe!  After the Laythe flyby, an attempt will be made to circularize orbit in the Joolian system.  Having never attempted such a thing, no one knows how it will go down!