Year 3, Day 425 (Aurora 16 Launches for MunBase One!)

screenshot459.pngAurora 16 is rolled out to the launch pad, carrying Edan, Sean and Glenica… and blasts off!screenshot467.png

After orbit is achieved, the docking and transposition maneuver completed, course is set for Mun where orbit is easily achieved!

“We’re all getting pretty good at this!”


The lander goes down… this is the first test of the automated landing systems!


Success!  Sean and Glenica hop out and say hi to Bill on MunBase One!  Meanwhile in orbit, Edan prepares to head back to Kerbin!

“It really is weird heading back to Kerbin by myself!  ”

Year 3, Day 2


“Uh… KSC… We have a problem!”

Samner, aboard the KSS, reports that the  original station core has a leak! In order to save the entire station, the affected area is evacuated, and the module is ejected!

“Jeez, as this thing gets older, more and more parts keep breaking!  We may need to think about getting an engineer up here or we might have to replace the whole thing!”

Indeed, the KSS has been having multiple problems lately. KSEA engineers start work on a systems upgrade to the station! With the myriad of problems on the station it’s not clear exactly what can be done to save the KSS.

Year 2, Day 163


The second attempt at launching the cupola module for the KSS takes off!


Orbit is achieved, and this time power seems to be sufficient.  Mission Control sends commands to being a rendezvous with the Kerbin Space Station! screenshot365

“Oh hey, there it is!  It’s nearly as big as the ACV!”

-Orlas (ACV = Aurora Crew Vehicle)


The trickiest part is next… the automated command module disconnects, leaving the Cupola Module in an uncontrolled state, just outside the station.

“I’m on it!”

screenshot371Orlas goes EVA, and heads to the module! After some hair-raising moments, docking is achieved – way to go everybody!  This is starting to look like a space station!screenshot372


Year 2, Day 131 (Aurora 1 Launch)

screenshot337.pngAurora 1 launches from Cape Kerman! screenshot342

Valentina expertly pilots the craft to orbit, carrying rookie scientists Kimmy and Glenica.  They’ll join Orlas at the new Kerbal Space Station!


“I see the station… moving in to rendezvous… ”



“Got it!  We’re docked!”


Aurora 1 successfully docks with the Kerbin Space Station!  Glenica and Kimmy head over and meet Orlas.

“Hey everybody!  Did someone bring cards…?”