Year 7, Day 368 (Enterprise Refit Begins)

256x256-47.pngThe refit of the Heavy Cargo Shuttle Enterprise begin, matching the upgrades Resolute received!


Year 6, Day 156 (Enterprise Returns Home!)


Val and Mirphe bring Enterprise down for a landing at the Shadow Valley Complex!


Successful landing!   Unfortunately, the Kuark experiments didn’t seem to yield much data.

“Hmmm.  We’re going to have to rethink how we research this…”


Year 6, Day 127 (Enterprise Science Launch!)


Enterprise launches!  The mission is to investigate a sub-atomic particle that scientists have named “kuarks” – initial research has indicated that many of these particles are quite strange indeed..


Veteran scientist Orlas will oversee the research, along with Samner.  Val will pilot Enterprise, and train rookie pilot Mirphe as well!


The Heavy Cargo Shuttle is testing a new science payload that essentially turns a Cargo Shuttle into a fully equipped Science Lab in space!

“Orbit achieved – we’re starting science now!”


Back in Mission Control, scientists anxiously await for the science data to start streaming in!


Year 6, Day 1 (Enterprise Upgrades KSS Power & Solar Systems!)

screenshot1763.pngVal and Chrisnic blast off in Enterprise, delivering the long promised second power and solar expansion to the station!  screenshot1765.png

Chrisnic, one of the most experienced engineers on the KSEA team will supervise the installation!


The module remotely guides itself into position…


Then Chrisnic leaves Enterprise to investigate!


Deploying solar arrays!  Wow! These are huge!   Both deployed perfectly.  Returning to Enterprise!



Enterprise departs!  The Heavy Cargo Shuttle will be trying something new today, landing at White Mesa!  The shuttle will then be flown back to the VAB for repairs and to be readied for its next launch!


Enterprise does its “belly flop” manuever to slow down its reentry….


Then glides to the runway!


A great landing! Val and Chrisnic rest up for their next mission!

Year 5, Day 13 (Enterprise Launched to Upgrade KSS Power and Solar Systems!)

screenshot1444.pngEnterprise launches!   Edan will pilot the Heavy Cargo Shuttle to orbit and rendezvous with the Kerbin Space Station, and Dunwin will supervise the initial installation of the solar power unit, and then perform EVAs to complete installation from Enterprise’s cargo bay! screenshot1445.png

“Orbital Assist Vehicle is away… heading to the station!”



Dunwin reviews the mission parameters as Enterprise rockets towards the KSS!


Enterprise arrives at the KSS and the module detaches!


Installation proves very difficult, with Chrisnic leaving the station to assist Dunwin!

“This is just impossible!  There’s no way to get a grip on anything!”


Chrisnic and Dunwin return to the KSS, taking the extra parts from Enterprise, while Edan tries a “first”… docking Enterprise itself to the Kerbin Space Station!


“Almos there… almost there…”



Wow – everyone is very suprised that the docking actually worked.  The KSS was never designed to dock such a large craft, but Edan showed that it was possible!

“Now let’s all hang tight and wait for Intrepid!”


KSEA decides to send up Intrepid to deliver some parts to allow the installation of footholds and other gripping surfaces for the station!


Year 4, Day 286 (RCS Refueling Mission for Harmony Space Station)

screenshot1113.pngEnterprise blasts off from Cape Kerman, carrying the RCS Refuelling Vehicle for Harmony Space Station!  screenshot1116.png

Edan releases the Refueling Vehicle – and Mission Control pilots it to Minmus! It should arrive there in a few days, then the crew rotation at Harmony Station can be complete!

screenshot1119.pngEdan takes Enterprise back to Kerbin. The last few shuttle landings have been a bit dicey, so this time everything will be done to slow the craft down before re-entering!


It’s a successful landing!

“That went a lot better!  Pulsing the air brakes on descent appears to be the best way to use them to slow the spacecraft down!  It prevents overhearing and allows more control!”


Edan’s advice is carefully noted by the other pilots in the KSC!