Year 4, Day 396 (KSS Crew Rotation!)

screenshot1396.pngEndeavor completes a minor refit to its orbital maneuvering system.  Ever since the rear cargo addition was added to the Crew Shuttles orbital handling has been off, it’s hoped that this update will make the craft easier to control during docking!   In addition, air brakes developed during the Heavy Cargo Shuttle Program have been scaled down, and installed on Endeavor.  Hopefully they assist in landing safety! screenshot1397.png

Today, Val pilots Endeavor to orbit, taking Robart and Orlas up to the KSS for a crew rotation!  This might be the last launch to make use of the lower docking ports on the KSS, as engineers are designing a new Observation Lounge for the station, based on designs developed for Explorer 3!   Getting the huge addition into space will help test how practical it will be for the Explorer crew!screenshot1399.png

Endeavor arrives at the KSS!

“This new orbital maneuvering system works a LOT better than the old design.  We should refit the rest of the Crew Shuttles ASAP!”


screenshot1402.pngShepley, Jeb, Bob depart in the Intrepid, which is due for its own upgrades once it returns to Kerbin! screenshot1403.png

Jeb soars Intrepid down to the runway… screenshot1404.png

…for a perfect landing!

“Let’s get this thing refitted… I can’t wait to try out the new design!”


Year 3, Day 63 (Endeavor’s First Flight, KSS Crew Rotation)


It’s time to rotate the crew on the KSS!  Jeb, Bill, Samner, Robart, Bob, and Orlas all pile into the second Crew Shuttle… The Endeavor, and it blasts off!screenshot69.png

After circularizing, the Endeavor starts its rendeavous to the KSS.  KSEA is a little nervous about this flight… this is the Endeavor’s first flight… and it’s also the most crew ever launched into space on one vessel!screenshot70.png

Endeavor closes in on the station…. screenshot71.png

Almost…. screenshot73.png



Docking achieved!  Jeb docks at at Docking Port 4 of the KSS.  Glenica and Kimmy transfer over to the Crew Shuttle, while Bill, Bob, Orlas, Robart, and Samner all head over to the the Station.

screenshot76.pngAfter everyone says their ‘hellos’ and ‘goodbyes’ – Jeb, Kimmy, and Glenica head back to Kerbin!screenshot80.png

“Space Center spotted… starting final approach!”


Another great landing – nice work!

“Next stop – Mun!”

“You said it Kimmy! Time for some deep space Science!”


Year 3, Day 51 (Aurora 10 Launch)


The mighty Sarnus-V carries Aurora 10 to orbit!screenshot33.pngThe original 3 astronauts; Jeb, Bill, and Bob will fly to Mun!

Bill is quite excited – even though he’s been with the space program since it’s early days, he’s only done missions in low Kerbing orbit. This will be his first Mun mission!

 After some basic orbital manuvering, Jeb fires the engines for the transfe to Mun!screenshot34.pngAfter the docking and transposition maneuver, the crew gets comfy for the short journey to Mun!

screenshot35.pngAurora 10 arrives at Mun!screenshot41.png

Jeb sets the lander down… and Bill hops right out!

“Wow!  It’s great here! The low gravity makes it feel like you’re flying!”

screenshot43.pngThe two pose for their landing portrait, and start collecting scientific data! Aurora 10 set down in the Mun’s Northwest Crater – a first for Kerbals!screenshot52.png

After several hours gathering Science, Bill and Jeb blast off in the lander, headed back to the Aurora 10 spacecraft! A short rendeavous and docking later, and the three are on a return trip to Kerbin!  Setting down in the plains of Kerbin at night, the crew is rescued.  Good work everyone!


Year 3, Day 44 (CTS Adventure Testing & Upgrades)

screenshot13.pngAfter some slight adjustments to Adventure’s wing alignment to correct the rollimg/control issues the craft was having, the craft takes off again!


This time, Jeb, Bill, and Bob head up – the mission is solely to test Adventure’s systems before construction of additional Crew Shuttles to service the KSS!  This will be the first flight with the craft’s new solar panels – so far, they don’t seem to be affecting aerodynamics. screenshot14.png

“OK – the Station is right where it should be! Heading in to dock!” -Jeb

Jeb pilots the Adventure closer, and closer to the Space Station!


Almost there…


Success!  Adventure makes a good seal with Docking Port 1. Everyone heads over to the station to check things out!

“Wow!  This place sure looks different than last time!”

Does it?  Must be a slight case of space madness…

Year 3, Day 15

The Crew Shuttle Adventure blasts off from the Space Center!   Mitster and Jeb both pilot the craft.  This will be a mission of many “firsts”:the first orbital mission of the Crew Shuttle, the first docking with the Space Station, and the first crewed re-entry of the shuttle!screenshot815.png

Because the Crew Shuttle doesn’t have any solar or other power generation methods, it can’t remain in orbit for too long before docking. Future upgrades will likely include better onboard power.screenshot818.png

Adventure achieves orbit, and manuevers to the KSS! Meanwhile on Kerbin, sea vessels recover the orbital launch vehicle.  As before, the craft is recovered for almost all of its construction costs!screenshot820.png

Adventure docks with the KSS!  The two crews say hello, then the shuttle detaches.  Everyone is a bit nervous.. this is the first time a crewed shuttle will re-enter Kerbin’s atmosphere!screenshot826.png

Rentry goes very well… But as the craft gets close to landing, it starts rotating strangely – tests will need to be done to determine why the craft partially lost control!    Thankfully Mitster is able to correct for the rotation.

Adventure sets down at the space center! While the mission wasn’t perfect, it was a success!

Year 2, Day 302 (KSS Auxillary Science Lab Launched)

screenshot485.pngThe KSS Auxillary Science Lab is launched!   These frequent KSS missions using the Sarnus Rocket hardware is getting our scientists and engineers very familiar with them – should be useful when the Aurora Program uses them to visit Mun!screenshot487

The launch has some serious problems once in orbit.  The very top heavy module proves very difficult to control!  From the ground, Val does her best to help.

“This thing steers terribly!  I’ll do my best to save it – no promises though!”

Once Val is able to successfully navigate a rendevous, Jeb EVAs over to the module…and hops inside!

“I’ve got it from here, Val!”

screenshot493.pngJeb pilots the unwieldy module closer and closer to the station…


Success!  The new module docks with the KSS.

“Just need to move this Escape Vehicle over to the habitat section of the station!”
-Jebape vehicle over to the habitat section…”


“There we go!  Station looks great!”