Year 7, Day 345 (Kerbol Two Solar Probe Designed)

Kerbol Two Solar Probe.png

A joint effort between KSEA (the Kerbin Space Exploration Administration) and KOAA (the Kerbin Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration) has led to the development of the next solar probe, Kerbol Two!

With greater heat shielding and with the increased range of the massive Jool II rocket combined with the very efficient Atomic Rocket Motor this new solar probe has nearly twice the range of the previous Kerbol One probe!



Year 6, Day 328 (Kerbol 1 Manuever)

kerbol 1

Kerbol One fires its engines to maneuver for its approach to the sun!


While the fate of the Kerbol 1 probe is almost certain, the exact time communications will be lost, and at what proximity to the star is unknown. KSEA hopes that a lot of interesting science can be transmitted before the probe is lost!


The final boost stage is ejected, and the probe hurdles toward the sun! In roughly 90 days we should know if the probe is successful!