Year 4, Day 196 (Space Taxi Announced)

Engineers are excited to announce a new service vehicle that will soon be sent up to the Kerbin Space Station – the Orbital Crew Transfer Vehicle, or as it as become better known, the Space Taxi.

The small vehicle will allow much larger craft the ability to move crew without to and from the station, without dangerous docking maneuvers.

Construction begins on two Space Taxis, which will be launched on a Heavy Cargo Shuttle very soon!

Year 4, Day 124 (Resolute’s First Launch!)


The Heavy Cargo Shuttle Resolute is ready for its first launch!  Since this is a prototype, and the vehicle doesn’t have a computer controlled navigation system, KSEA wants to be cautious and only launch one Kerbal.screenshot739.png

Jeb and Val argue for sometime about who will get to be the first pilot, but Jeb wins “rock paper scissors” and will be the first pilot!


Resolute blasts off!

“Going good so far… just like the simulations!”



Everyone at the Space Center is tense as the launch continues!   Resolute glides through its gravity turn, and moves to circularize!

screenshot746.pngThe Launcher separates, and heads back down to Kerbin to get recovered!

“That was quite the kick!  Circularizing orbit now!”



“At desired orbit – 70k!  Leaves me with about 500 d/v for orbital maneuvering!”



Jeb begins burns to rendezvous with the Kerbin Space Station!

screenshot753.pngSuccess!  Once at the station, Resolute’s cargo doors open…


and the Docking Module leaves the shuttle – guided remotely!screenshot757.png

The Docking module moves away from Resolute, toward the station… screenshot760.png…and docks!

screenshot762.pngJeb pilots Resolute in to test out the new docking module!

“Yikes!  You get an idea of how big this Shuttle is when you get close to the Station!”



Everyone at the Space Center cheers!  Resolute takes a ride around Kerbin, docked to the Space Station. Jeb says hi to everyone – and prepares for the next, and probably most dangerous part of the mission… reentry and landing! screenshot767.png

The Heavy Cargo Shuttle undocks…

screenshot768.pngThen Resolute closes its cargo bays!


“Mission Control – this is Resolute!  I’m coming down!”


screenshot775.pngResolute heads through the atmosphere, then starts its approach to the Space Center!


“I’m in the pipe… five by five!”



Jeb poses in front of the Heavy Cargo Shuttle Resolute.  Well done – mission success!  Resolute will be brought in and refurbished for its next flight!

Year 4, Day 77

With multiple rockets under assembly at KSC, most Kerbals are having trouble remembering exactly which project is coming up next!

Multiple Surveyor vehicles are almost complete, as is a new expansion to the KSS – a new Habitat and Docking module.  The new module will replace the current docking module on the KSS, to make room for an upgraded habitat/cupola module that engineers promise will be ‘super cool.”

screenshot707.pngIn the meantime, the next Surveyor rocket launches! This new satellite should provide unparalleled looks at the surface of Kerbin… in really great details!


Year 3, Day 156 (KSS Habitat Expansion)

screenshot186.pngThe next expansion to the KSS is ready to go!  This one will be both an addition to the Space Station, as well as a test of the new Habitat Section that will be the main crew area on board Explorer!screenshot188

Launch goes well, and the module moves closer to the station!


The Orbital Maneuvering Module detaches, and the Habitat Section’s RCS thrusters move the addition closer to the station.  Almost there…


Success!  The module connects and makes a good seal. The station is quite the sight!

“It’s nice to finally have some beds and personal space up here!”

Year 3, Day 139 (Explorer Spacecraft Development)

Development begins on Explorer  (not to be confused with the Explorer Space Probe.) Explorer is the prototype vehicle for a future Eve mission!  While the actual mission to Eve will likely be several components, Explorer’s first mission will consist of just the main spacecraft.

Explorer will be launched without a crew, which will arrive via a Crew Shuttle!  This is necessary given the new design.

Once the crew arrives, the vehicle will leave Kerbin’s orbit, entering interplanetary space, in orbit of the Sun, then return.

If all goes well Explorer will be the basis for future crewed planetary missions!  A full working mockup of the Explorer’s Habitat Section will be launched soon as an upgrade to the KSS – this should allow ‘real world’ testing of the crew module.

Additionally, construction begins on the next Aurora Mission, Aurora 12!

Year 2, Day 302 (KSS Auxillary Science Lab Launched)

screenshot485.pngThe KSS Auxillary Science Lab is launched!   These frequent KSS missions using the Sarnus Rocket hardware is getting our scientists and engineers very familiar with them – should be useful when the Aurora Program uses them to visit Mun!screenshot487

The launch has some serious problems once in orbit.  The very top heavy module proves very difficult to control!  From the ground, Val does her best to help.

“This thing steers terribly!  I’ll do my best to save it – no promises though!”

Once Val is able to successfully navigate a rendevous, Jeb EVAs over to the module…and hops inside!

“I’ve got it from here, Val!”

screenshot493.pngJeb pilots the unwieldy module closer and closer to the station…


Success!  The new module docks with the KSS.

“Just need to move this Escape Vehicle over to the habitat section of the station!”
-Jebape vehicle over to the habitat section…”


“There we go!  Station looks great!”