Year 5, Day 66 (Moho Surveyor Announced!)

Construction starts on a new probe, Moho Surveyor.  This probe will be launched into an orbit of Moho, and hopefully begin mapping the surface!

The Moho Surveyor is essentially the same design as the Duna Surveyor, only launched atop the Sarnus-X rocket, in an effort to give the spacecraft the best chance to arrive at Moho with a signifigant amount of Delta V that will be required to enter orbit!


Year 5, Day 18 (Frontier 8 Moho Flyby!)


Frontier 8 flys by Moho!  Sensors record temperature readings, as well as trace atmospheric levels near the world (it appears to be a near vacuum, although trace levels are picked up.)


The flyby is a short one, as soon as it began, it seemed, it was ending. Frontier 8 will drift without fuel in a solar orbit forever, but it made history as the first spacecraft to reach Moho!

Year 3, Day 169 (Frontier 8 Launches, Aurora 13 Construction, Explorer Crews)

Frontier 8, the probe to Moho is rolled out to the launch pad!  With a launch window coming up in 60 days, scientists are hopeful that the Frontier-probe design will be tough enough to survive a trip so close to the sun!   The launch goes well, and Frontier 8 sits in orbit, waiting for the launch window in about 60 days!

3 other Frontier Probes remain in storage:  Frontier 5 (Jool), Frontier 6 (Duna), and Frontier 7 (Neidon.)

Work also begins on Frontier 9, a survey probe for Minmus!

Additionally, construction starts on Aurora 13!   Aurora 13 and 14 will carry two different crews beyond Kerbin’s sphere of influence as training for the long flight to Eve. The entire KSC complex is abuzz with gossip regarding who the “Explorer 6” will be!  Even if a Kerbal is chosen to be one of the 6… only 3 Kerbals will ultimately be Explorer’s crew!  However, the runner up crew will most likely be in line for the next Deep Space Vehicle!