Year 7, Day 50 (Aurora 20 Returns to Kerbin!)


After a very long mission, Aurora 20 arrives back at Kerbin!


The Command Pod ejects the rest of the Aurora Crew Vehicle, which burns up on reentry!


The parachute deploys, and Luly, Seely, and Kerlorf gently glide down to an oceanic splashdown!


Mission Success!  Rescue crews from Meridian Island are flown out to rescue the astronauts!


Year 7, Day 48 (Aurora 20 & Unity Space Station Update)

screenshot273.pngThe Aurora 20 Mission to Unity Space Station (finally) comes to an end!  The Research Mission was intended to gather significant data on Mun and to study long-duration of spaceflight on Kerbal physiology. KSEA administrators stress that the length of the mission definitely did not mean that Mission Control forgot about the mission!screenshot274.png

Luly, Seely, and Kerlorf climb into the Aurora Command Pod and leave the station!

“All those exciting missions to Duna doesn’t mean Mun doesn’t have something to offer you know!”

Luly, lead scientist of Aurora 20 mission!

The return of the Aurora 20 mission will leave Unity Space Station uninhabited until the next crew arrives!

Year 5, Day 422 (Unity Space Station Landing on Farside Crater, Munar Canyons!)


Luly and Kerlorf prepare to head down in the (very) delayed USS-LS03 landing!  Both the Farside crater and the Munar Canyons will be investigated! screenshot1740.png

The Unity Research Lander undocks, and heads down to the surface!


Luly watches as Kerlorf plants the flag at the Farside crater landing site!

“It’s time to head over to those canyons!”



Luly and Kerlorf land at the Munar Canyons and take readings – both are getting pretty exhausted, especially Luly!  A future Aurora mission is being planned to swap the crew out!


The lander heads back to orbit, then sets course for Unity Space Station!

“Fuel on this one is very, very tight.  I think future landings we should keep it to just one landing… no jumps!  This isn’t Minmus afterall!”


The next crew for the Unity Space Station is slated to be Robart and Gilian – both have experience landing on Minmus, but this will be their first time on Mun!



Year 5, Day 135 (Resupply Mission Docks At Mun With Unity Space Station!)


The KSS Resupply Vehicle has barely enough fuel to dock with Unity Space Station, but arrives nonetheless!  The automated vehicle starts transferring its stores of food and other supplies at once!  This should give Unity Space Station another 2 years of life!

Mission Control gives the “Go” for further mission operations, and the trip to the Munar Canyons should be ready in just days!

Year 5, Day 132 (Oxygen Low on Unity Space Station!)

screenshot1582.pngOxygen is starting to run low on Unity Space Station, the research station orbiting Mun!  The supply craft sent to the KSS has enough extra supplies in it to resupply the station, however scrubbers and other technology to extend life on the stations is clearly needed.

Mission Control wants to delay any landings on Mun until the Oxygen situation is resolved!



Year 5, Day 59 (MunBaseOne Life Support Mission!)

screenshot1521.pngA resupply mission to MunBaseOne is launched on a Sarnus V rocket!  This is the first time a resupply mission has been attempted to the base.  With supplies running short on the first Mun settlement, if this mission isn’t a success the crew will have to evacuate to Unity Space Station in orbit!

screenshot1522.pngThe mission will do much more than just resupply the station. With any luck the installation of oxygen and water scrubbers and purifiers will let supplies on the station last much, much longer.  Another item on the wish-list for KSEA planners is a better vehicle for delivering colonies to the surface of Mun.  The present design works, but is wasteful and tends to create a lot of debris!


The new module rockets down to the surface, then starts rolling along toward MunBaseOne!


“I see it out the window! It’s almost here!”



It takes some maneuvering, but the module gets into position…


Then docks with the base!  The new systems should keep the base running for some time.  Glenica, Sean, and Bill all report the air is much easier to breathe!