Year 7, Day 366 (Sarnus Surveyor Update)


Sarnus Surveyor arrives near Sarnus and performs maneuvers designed to navigate several of the gas giant’s moons!


The images sent back are breathtaking!


Eeloo, the first Sarnusian moon to be investigate will sadly have to wait until another pass… the sun blocks the probe’s power and the probe drifts on by!


Year 5, Day 101 (Sarnus Surveyor)


The Sarnus Surveyor is the next probe to launch – this time a night launch!  The window to Sarnus is in 34 days – the craft will stay in a parking orbit until then!

It’s thought that the Sarnus Surveyor will have enough fuel to explore much of the Sarnus system… however a specific target hasn’t been decided, a maneuver en route will adjust the approach once KSEA decides where to send the probe!

Year 5, Day 92 (New Surveyor Probes Commissioned!)

KSEA commissions the development of several new Surveyor class deep space probes – Neidon Surveyor, Urlum Surveyor, Sarnus Surveyor, and the Jool Surveyor.  Like Duna Surveyor, these deep space probes are designed to map the surface of deep space bodies to allow a more scientific approach to exploring space!