Year 2, Day 75 (Scout 2 Communications Re-Established)

screenshot276.pngA few days after landing, communications with Scout 2 is re-established!    The small lander transmits its findings – barely a trace of an atmosphere and very low gravity, as predicted.  With 990 d/v of fuel remaining, it may be possible for Scout 2 to land elsewhere in the future.  A very successful mission!


Year 2, Day 71 (Scout 2 Arrival at Minmus)

screenshot271.pngScout 2 arrives at Minmus!  Thankfully all the probe’s systems appear to be working normally. screenshot274.png

Scout 2 slowly decends…. it’s important the craft land exactly where KSEA scientists have planned, as the communications systems on board requires a direct line of sight with Kerbin.  As Minmus rotates, it will take Scout 2 out of range!   Scout 2 sets down… JUST IN TIME!  Communications go dark as Minmus’s rotation carries Scout 2 out of range!