Year 4, Day 405 (KSS Docking Expansion)

The long promised update of the KSS docking port has come!  The launch will send the new docking module into orbit on an Aurora Rocket, and the module will travel to the Space Station for remote installation. screenshot1407.png

The launch is the first orbital test of the most impressive part of the new docking module, the Crew Lounge, to make life just that much more comfortable in space!  This module is identical to the new Crew Lounge to be utilized on the Duna Spaceport, which is currently in orbit of Kerbin awaiting its launch window.  Installing this module on the KSS will allow testing of the module before Duna Spaceport departs. screenshot1408.pngThe Space Taxi attached to the old docking port detaches and moves to a safe distance.


First, the old docking port assembly is ejected from the station!  The old module drifts away slowly…

Meanwhile, the module arrives at the station!


Almost there…screenshot1418.png

Success! The module is installed!screenshot1419.png

Endeavor undocks, and manuevers to test the new docking port.


Looks good! The next KSS project is an upgrade of the Station’s solar array.


Year 4, Day 404 (Construction Begins on Aurora 17!)

Construction begins on Aurora 17!   The new launch will be a test of a new more comfortable crew vehicle, which is very similar to the Duna Crew Vehicle being built for Explorer 2!

Since Harmony and Unity both have dedicated landers, this new format for Aurora launches will hopefully provide the new method for delivering crew to and from these research stations!

Crew Update:

  • Currently Gilian is the only Kerbal on board Harmony Space Station.
  • Luly, Seely, and Kerlorf are all on Unity Space Station.
  • Bill, Sean, and Glenica are on MunBase One.
  • Valentina, Robart, and Orlas are all on board the Kerbin Space Station.

Year 4, Day 402 (X-6 Development Begins!)

Development begins on a new aircraft, the X-6! The aircraft js being developed to allow the transportation of base components to any location on Kerbin.

KSEA wants to bud research labs ay the following areas:

  •  Pyramid Region west of KSC.
  • North Pole at the site of the strange craft discovered there.

    KSEA wants the X-6 to be an extremely fast vehicle, capable of delivering payloads to any location on Kerbin within a few hours.

    Due to the extreme speeds the X-6 is expected to reach, initial designs utilize a cockpit similar to the Heavy Cargo Shuttles to deal with the heat generated bybair friction!

    With the construction of Harmony and Unity Space Station, KSEA decides it’s a good time for the Aurora Missions to be re-tooled.  Since the stations both have their own dedicated lander, the lander payload will be replaced with an Explorer-2 style Habitat module to make space travel a more comfortable experience!

    This will also deal with the tight life support budgets that have plagued some recent missions.

    Since Crew Vehicle/Habitat Modules appears to be the new direction for crewed space flight, this will also be a great test of equipment for upcoming missions!  As for refueling the stations, that will be done with an automated refueling vehicle!

    Year 4, Day 396 (KSS Crew Rotation!)

    screenshot1396.pngEndeavor completes a minor refit to its orbital maneuvering system.  Ever since the rear cargo addition was added to the Crew Shuttles orbital handling has been off, it’s hoped that this update will make the craft easier to control during docking!   In addition, air brakes developed during the Heavy Cargo Shuttle Program have been scaled down, and installed on Endeavor.  Hopefully they assist in landing safety! screenshot1397.png

    Today, Val pilots Endeavor to orbit, taking Robart and Orlas up to the KSS for a crew rotation!  This might be the last launch to make use of the lower docking ports on the KSS, as engineers are designing a new Observation Lounge for the station, based on designs developed for Explorer 3!   Getting the huge addition into space will help test how practical it will be for the Explorer crew!screenshot1399.png

    Endeavor arrives at the KSS!

    “This new orbital maneuvering system works a LOT better than the old design.  We should refit the rest of the Crew Shuttles ASAP!”


    screenshot1402.pngShepley, Jeb, Bob depart in the Intrepid, which is due for its own upgrades once it returns to Kerbin! screenshot1403.png

    Jeb soars Intrepid down to the runway… screenshot1404.png

    …for a perfect landing!

    “Let’s get this thing refitted… I can’t wait to try out the new design!”


    Year 4, Day 393 (Duna Spaceport Launches!)


    Duna Spaceport is launched atop the utterly massive Sarnus X rocket – the heaviest lifter yet! screenshot1387.png

    The solid boosters eject spectacularly, flying away from the vehicle!


    Duna Spaceport is ready to go!   The station and the Duna Research Lander wait in a 100k parking orbit for their transfer to Mun… in exactly 399 days!  It’s a long wait, but it’s needed to maximize the available fuel for such a long range mission!